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Street Photography

is something I cannot avoid doing

wherever I go.

It provides a unique and specific emotion

which has to deal with

people and time.

That in mind, I must say

a smartphone

is a fantastic tool,

even though

the legendary Leica M6

will ever remain

my favorite camera

The Child - Paris
Domino players - Brazil
Runners - Santo Domingo
Seekers - Caraibean Sea
Elders - France
Foodies - Paris
Foto Automat - Arles - France
Alternative market - France
Bus Passenger - Ireland
Nomad - Mount Sinaï - Egypt
Phone user - anywhere
The male statue and the woman
Showing off - Arles - France
Petanque - Paris
Begging - anywhere
Hungarian violonist - Paris
Paris - Metro - People
In the bus
Spy - anywhere
Lovers - Paris
Legs - France
Dog over shadow - Paris
Customers - Café - Paris
Two musicians - Paris
Stripes in the TGV - France
At the Museum - Switzerland
Commuting - Paris
Metro - Paris
Photo Shoot - Cape Town
The Pedestrian - Paris
The Cyclist - Paris
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